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The sky’s the limit — A rebrand taking the industry to new heights.

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Byron Bay Cloud Co Chocolate Milk

Soaring Above.

Since starting in 2016, Byron Bay Cloud Co. has been paving the way for the booming Australian e-liquid industry with their premium flavoured e-liquids. With the recent implementation of their new production facility and a new ‘Direct wholesale channel’. The timing was right for a rebrand for this market leader as they continue to soar above the competition and set sights on the global stage.

For the Name’s Sake.

With a lot of attention in the industry going toward the more established e-liquid companies from the US and UK. The Byron Crew wanted a brand identity that would help represent the premium quality of their product to help show that Australian E-liquids are a force to be reckoned with.
With a strong grassroots following behind them, Byron Bay Cloud Co. knew they would have to move forward carefully and not lose sight of who they were and where they had come from as a brand. 
Whilst a rebrand was key, so was maintaining the brand recognition, and there was nothing more recognisable​​​​​​​ than the brand’s namesake.
Byron Bay Cloud Co Poster01
Byron Bay Cloud Co Poster02

Freedom Chasers

Byron Bay (where the brand first originated), is a world class destination full of spectacular natural landmarks, a vibrant community, and a mellow yet adventurous spirit. 
With the brand so closely tied to Byron Bay, it was a ‘no brainer’ to set their focus on this destination for the setting of the brand narrative.
Together, Chaptr and the Byron Boys helped form many visual options until we had struck a brand story that worked through all customer touch points. what resulted was a brand philosophy that could be summed up in a single word, ‘freedom’.
Byron Bay Cloud Co Business Menu

Freedom Never Tasted So Good!

The end product was a more premium feeling brand with an earthy, mellow tone that celebrates the expression of adventure and the adventure of expression. 
Since the rebrands release, distribution channels have increased which has lead to some key partnership deals and a big increase in sales. Byron Bay Cloud Co. now aims to soon target some key overseas markets.
"It was always going to be risky rebranding ourselves whilst the brand was going so well. Chaptr understood the power of our current brand and did an outstanding job of updating our brand, whilst never losing what makes it so special."
Tommy McCrossin
Managing Director, Byron Bay Cloud Co.

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