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Max Fresh CS Title

Max by name, fresh by nature — a new voice in an emerging market.

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Identity Design
Packaging Design

MaxFresh All Bottles

A unique product pairing.

Raging Mammoth approached Chaptr with an idea to market a variety of care products to their loyal following of mostly 18-24 y/o males. The first products were to be a range of masculine scented laundry detergents.

Whilst, male care product marketing is rapidly growing, Raging Mammoth didn’t necessary think the serious tone and underwhelming look of the current market would appeal to their following. With 3 scents already produced, they had a strong idea of capturing the landscapes from which each fragrance was inspired, but they hadn’t settled on a product name yet and they were looking for an x-factor.
Max Fresh Desert Mission
Max Fresh Desert Mission Macro
Max Fresh Desert Mission Description
Max Fresh Tropical Rescue Bottle


Through a discovery meeting we were able to pitch the idea of creating a brand Mascot  —  a character that wouldn’t just represent the brand, he would be the brand.

Max Fresh was introduced and with him a new manly persona. Ready to challenge the markets current beliefs. He would be hell bent on showing that men can wash too, and they can do it their way.

Inspired by the great cornball bravado and tasteless charm of the late 80’s early 90’s action film stars. Max Fresh was going to embrace this unique market pairing and he wasn’t going to take himself too seriously.

Max Fresh Tropical Rescue
Max Fresh Taglines
Max Fresh Mountain Quest
Max Fresh Mountain Quest Macro
Max Fresh Mountain Quest Description
Max Fresh Mountain Quest Bottle

The final act.

The result was a bold, kitsch, and light-hearted brand that provides a flexible and adaptable dialogue for all future product applications. Will Max succeed on his mission and emerge victorious? Stay tuned to find out.

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