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Getting Saucy! — a raw, loud, & spicy brand application for Rattlin’ Bones’ exciting new chilli sauce range.

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Typographic Design
Final Retouching

One in the Crowd

Walk down any sauce aisle and you will see that the shear amount of options to choose from makes it very hard for any product to stand out.

With this in mind, Rattlin’ Bones Co. knew they needed to enter this highly competitive market with a bang!

With the release of their first chilli sauce range fast approaching — Rattlin’ Bones approached Chaptr to help create a look and personality that would make their sauces stand out from the crowd.

When everyone else zigs, zag.

Through our facilitated discovery session Rattlin’ Bones discovered most of the competition in the market was very homogenized — there was a great opportunity to create something that spoke to people like themselves, and to perhaps even open up a whole new market of chilli sauce lovers.

Chaptr helped articulate the essence of the Rattlin’ Bones brand, with a chilli sauce range that represents their rebellious, fun, independent attitude. If everyone else wants to zig, Rattlin’ Bones would zag.

A ragtag bunch of misfits.

The result was a loud, mischevious ragtag bunch of chilli sauces, each with their own personality — who sit cohesively together within Rattlin’ Bones’ new-found brand attitude.

Since the new range hit shelves, new distribution channels have opened up prompting sales to exceed early forecasts. The new designs are being used internally as a means of inspiring better design throughout the company.
"We had a rough idea of what our new sauce range would look like. Chaptr helped tremendously in not only helping us realise our ideas, but pushing the brand far beyond what we ever hoped for."
Lincoln Jarvis
Co-owner Rattlin'Bones Co.

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