We are a team of thinkers, strategists and creatives. We help build brands with powerful, positive visions through our collaborative Chaptr by Chaptr process ― Consider us your biographers of brand.


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Our Authors

Nelson Nokela

This man has no creative OFF button. With every brief, he pushes the boundaries of brand possibility by exploring every design angle. A practitioner of open project collaboration, Nelson believes the best outcomes are reached when input is encouraged among all key players – there’s no “I” team just like there’s no “E” in Chaptr. The end results are effective brands and content pieces that always reflect his 3R’s theory – relevance, rewarding, retention.

Ian Powell

“Why do human’s think and act that way”? is a question that spins around in Ian’s head like a 12-inch on repeat. Human behaviour and brand strategy drive this creative’s approach to innovate stand out concepts that cut through a noisy market.  According to Ian and put simply, “there are other ways to see and do things that others cant’s see and do”. This innate perspective helps him deliver exceptional brand outcomes that powerfully display product authenticity backed by effortless functionality.